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Create great tasting espresso in less than a minute.



Breville the Barista Express® 




the Smoking Gun® & Cloche
the Custom Loaf™
the Control °Freak® 
the Smooth Wave™ 
Michael Wood

If I could give higher than a five I would. I have had this for a year and an half and use it twice or more a day. It still makes the most amazing lattes. If I have the option of Bucks or make one my self, it’s home. We were going to SB once or twice a day so this is a huge savings in money and they taste ten times better. I highly recommend this specific machine. I love having the grinder attached. Less headache to deal with having to deal with measuring and cleaning out a separate one.


I bought this one based on the reviews I’ve read and it was worth it. If you are not familiar with these machines you definitely need to read all the instructions. I’ve had cheaper machines which I thought made good espresso, not so much compared to this machine. You will need to adjust the grinding levels a couple times to get it set perfectly, however, it’s pretty easy to do. The steamer steams the milk perfectly. It’s easy to clean and looks great on your counter. For beginners, just be sure to follow the instructions and you will end up with a great latte or cappuccino. Would definitely recommend. Worth every dollar.


ok soooo this machine is not user friendly. you really have to love coffee and have the paitents on brewing good espresso. If you were a former barista this is perfect for you. I love love this machine ive made better espresso then Starbucks, dutchbros, and any other coffee place. I’ve gotten a lot of praise over my lattes and it has a lot to do with this machine. Mind you I use to work as a barista for 4 years. This is the best machine for home use. Its an investment, so think of it that way.


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